Online security is a constant concern for you and your customers. There’s nothing worse than visitors not purchasing from your site, due to a lack of an Secure Socket Layer Certificate, also known as an SSL Certificate.

So before you’re ready to go live and process credit cards, it’s important to make sure your store is secure. After purchasing your first SSL Certificate, follow these simple steps to ensure security before installing it on your store.

Use an Authoritative Email Address

First things first, create an authoritative email address. When you create this address, you’ll receive a special link to click and validate ownership of your domain name.

It’s important to provide an SSL Certificate to a valid and authorized email address and there are two options for these addresses:

  • The WHOIS Email Address: WHOIS provides public information about your domain name. The WHOIS email address is what you used to register your domain name with, which is what we recommend using as the primary authoritative email address.
  • Approved-Format Email Address: If your WHOIS page is set to private, resulting in your email address not displaying publicly, you can send the email to 1 of 5 approved email addresses below that you must create:
    • admin@
    • administrator@
    • hostmaster@
    • webmaster@
    • postmaster@
On the occasion when you create 1 of the 5 approved email addresses from above, it will be displayed as admin@yourdomain.com or hostmaster@yourdomain.com, where “yourdomain.com” will be replaced with your registered domain name.

But what if you don’t know where to create an approved-format email address? Do not fear – you can purchase an email box with Volusion for just $2.00 a month! Check out our Knowledge Base article on setting up an email account on your my.Volusion page.

Verify the Domain Name Ownership

After your SSL order has been processed, you’ll receive an email verifying the domain name ownership, sent to one of the addresses mentioned above. After you receive the email, you’ll have 30 days to verify the domain name ownership. This is a crucial step for installing the SSL Certificate onto you store. Once you verify and approve ownership of your domain name, your SSL Certificate will be installed within 3-5 business days.

Final Steps After Installation

Now that your SSL Certificate is installed, check that is it displayed correctly on your storefront. You should see an SSL Certificate seal in the footer of the page, and if you click on the seal you will see your company information stating that your store is verified and secure.

However, if you see the error message: “www.YourDomain.com is not a valid identity” - don’t panic! There’s a seamless way to fix this. First, navigate to your Dashboard > Design > File Editor and find the Shortcuts on the right side of the page.

Under ‘Template Files’, click on the orange link, ‘template_xx.html’, which will have the name of your template and will look something along the lines of ‘template_cherish.html’ or ‘template_hipster.html’.

Next, search the HTML code to find “www.YourDomain.com”. Not sure how to do this search? Don’t sweat it, here’s a little trick to find keywords using your keyboard:

If you’re using a PC, hold down ‘Control’ then ‘F’ on your keyboard, or if you are using a Mac, hold down ‘Command’ then ‘F’. You will see a search bar either at the top or bottom of your browser window. Within the search bar, type in “www.YourDomain”, and you’ll see the highlighted keyword within the code. From there, all you need to do is change the link to your actual domain name and hit ‘Save’.

Hooray for Security!

Once you make the change in the code, click on the SSL on your live store and voila! You are now a verified Volusion SSL Certificate holder. Your customers can now see that you’re a trusted business and they’ll feel safe about making purchases on your store.

In some cases, if your store is already live with the name servers pointed to Volusion, it is not necessary for us to send you an email to verify the domain name ownership.

Renew Your SSL Certificate

When the time comes to renew your SSL Certificate, you won’t have to go through the same verification process listed above. All you’ll need to do is go to Volusion.com > Resources > SSL Certificates > and repurchase either the 1 or 2 year option. Once you place the order, we will take it from there!

Online security is one of the most important aspects of your online business. Luckily, by choosing Volusion you’ve already taken a huge step towards protecting you and your customers' data. With the purchase of an SSL, you’re one step closer to running a successful online store.

Have any questions? Ask them in the comments or reach out to our Support team to clarify any of the steps above.