Why Tumblr is the Next Big Network for Ecommerce Brands
Tumblr for Ecommerce 3-11-16

Within the past few years, ecommerce trends have shifted to rely on highly visual means, while placing considerable value on user generated content. Instead of just sticking to Facebook and Twitter, business owners have been encouraged to explore other social media outlets to maintain their brands and increase the exposure of their online stores. Shoppers, especially in younger demographics, want to see real people doing real things with real products.

Enter Tumblr. Never heart of Tumblr? You’re probably not alone. Tumblr has been previously heralded as a platform for teens and amateur bloggers. However, Tumblr has grown into a robust, visual platform with immeasurable marketing potential.

Social media platforms like Tumblr are key in demonstrating how people can enjoy the products they’ve purchased through pictures and videos. That’s why this network is such a great fit for many ecommerce brands. Think about it: if you saw a picture of a chic woman drinking artisan coffee with her gal pals at a cute corner café in New York City, you’d probably want to purchase her outfit… or at least the coffee.

Tumblr girl coffee However, like any other social network, Tumblr works well with specific industries or brands with compelling stories and high quality visual content.

Industries that Work Well on Tumblr

That being said, you wouldn't necessarily want to start a Tumblr page if you sell networking cables or metal anodes. But if you sold Southern women’s clothing, for instance, Tumblr might be the network for you.

If you’re wondering whether or not Tumblr would be a good fit for your ecommerce brand, we’ve outlined a few of the industries that show the biggest potential for success on this network. If your store falls within one of these categories, you get two very enthusiastic thumbs up, and I would encourage you to explore this network!

  • Men’s and Women’s Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Home Goods
  • Automotive
  • Travel
  • Outdoor & Camping

Gaining Brand Awareness with Tumblr

When it comes to social media marketing, the most important goal for every ecommerce store should be generating brand awareness. While sales are obviously important, brand awareness must come first. In order for a brand to increase their sales, they must first enhance their visibility by engaging with their target audience. Tumblr is one of the best networks that does just that. Here’s why:

Encourages engagement

With over 283 million pages, Tumblr is one of the fastest growing networks in the world and prides itself on having an extremely engaging user base. The platform itself also offers many different ways to interact with followers. Users can like, reblog (share), comment, private message, instant message and even submit pictures or videos to other users for approval. This makes Tumblr perfect for acting as a customer service tool and finding brand ambassadors. Tumblr statistics

Hosts a ripe environment for brand ambassadors

For small- to medium-sized online businesses, brand ambassadors can be your biggest asset. A brand ambassador is a member of your target market who positively represents your brand to help drive awareness for your products and increases sales naturally. Due to Tumblr’s massive, active user base and its variety of messaging options, Tumblr is one of the best platforms for finding and reaching out to potential ambassadors.

Promotes content diversity

Users are also able to upload many different types of posts, including text, images, videos, audio recordings, chats, quotes and even GIFs. Yes, Tumblr is the original GIF-capable social network! The diversity of the content keeps posts fresh and engaging, while making it easy for brands to think outside of the box when it comes to marketing their products. Plus, Tumblr allows you to add attribution and click-through links to any post, which helps drive traffic back to your store. Tumblr interface

Features a customizable platform

One of my favorite features about Tumblr is its completely customizable themes. You can choose one of the default themes for your page, or you can create your own by using the HTML modifier in the settings. Tumblr allows you to change colors, backgrounds, navigation and even add custom links. For ecommerce stores with a distinct brand personality or identity, this feature is crucial and can help keep your branding intact.

So, now that you know all about Tumblr, has it won you over yet? Or do you still need convincing? Try creating an account and exploring all the things Tumblr has to offer! Let us know about your experience in the comments!