Watch the Webinar: Making the Most of your Marketing Budget

Managing your marketing spend is the most effective way to ensure your store is attaining a positive ROI. In this August 8th webinar, our hosts Adam and Sean go over the do's and don'ts of online marketing spend management. Divided into two large sections, this webinar discusses some of the intricacies of running your online business.

In the first half, they discuss how to avoid spending money that isn't converting. Discussing keyword match types and merchant center errors, developing an understanding of where your money is going assures you won't spend it incorrectly. After a brief Q&A our hosts turn up the heat and discuss what to do when you're hitting your goals. Rounding it out with a strategies for different levels of spend, a final Q&A discusses where to begin with different industries.

Be sure to listen along to the video and read over the slide deck at your leisure to find out areas of improvement for your store!