Volusion's Top 10 Blog Posts from March 2018

March was a lucky month for the blog, and not just because of St. Patrick's Day. Some of our top employees and contributors created stellar content for the blog, and we had a ton of posts showing merchants how to build successful ecommerce stores. See the best ones here!

1. How to Diagnose and Prevent Abandoned Carts

For every jug of milk left at the candy stand, for every discarded, semi-folded pair of pants in a department store's shoe section, there will be abandoned carts within your store. By becoming more familiar with abandoned carts, you can better understand where they’re coming from, and how to close more sales.

2. 11 Free Spring-themed Graphics for Your E-commerce Store

Spring is almost here: are you ready to clear out that winter inventory? Let us give you a hand with some free graphics to drive customers to your site. Just because St. Patrick's Day is over doesn't mean there aren't plenty of other spring-themed ways you can sell old stock. Head on over to this post all the images you need to keep your store looking good and selling more.

3. 5 Things You Need To Know About the New AdWords Interface

Google’s new AdWords redesign – their first in 8 years – is automatically the default viewing option and will soon be the only option. We’ll break down five aspects of the new redesign to be aware of that might make or break your workflow starting this summer.

4. Guide: How to Start an Online Boutique

Check you out, being awesome and starting your own online boutique! Kudos to you for making the jump. But now what? Creating your own fashion empire from scratch is a tall order, and it can be tough knowing where to start. Which is why Volusion (and a few of our fabulous fashion influencer friends) wrote this guide to show you the ins and outs of building your own fashion brand.

5. Watch the Webinar: SEO Keyword Selection & Hierarchy for E-commerce

Search engine optimization is crucial in this digital age. Having an SEO-friendly website will ensure better visibility in search results. But how do you decide which keywords go where on your website? How do you even decide on keywords in the first place? In this webinar, one of our SEO experts discusses how you can organize your site's keyword targeting to make shopping easier for customers and indexing easier for search engines. Watch the webinar now and learn more!

6. How Your Domain Name Affects Your E-commerce Store SEO

There are a few key rules to finding a domain name that can assist in your search engine rankings. It’s important to remember that your domain name is not the end-all-be-all of SEO and that your website still needs to have the proper content and on-page SEO techniques implemented to contribute to the overall ranking as well. Here we list the ways your domain name does and does not contribute to SEO and how to ensure it will positively impact your search results.

7. 7 Easy Ways to Create High Quality Video Content for Your E-Commerce Business

You don't need a professional video studio to make high-quality videos and video content for social media or your site. There are best practices that you can follow to make sure that you're making the most with what you've got - and if you follow some of the core rules of video production (like good lighting, quality staging, stability) you can create professional looking videos on a shoestring budget.

8. 5 Insights for Improving Your Customer Experience

With the hustle and bustle of running an online business, it can be easy to lose sight of the people that keep your store up and running: your customers. Here are some handy pieces of advice to make shoppers happy...and keep them coming back for more sales.

9. How to Write a Great Meta Description for E-commmerce

When a web user types a query into a search engine, various websites that have been deemed to match the user’s query are shown on the resulting search engine results page (SERP). More often than not, these results feature nothing but text, which makes it easy to get lost in the shuffle of websites vying for a user’s attention. How will your website stand out from the rest of the SERPs? What makes you unique?

10. Graph: Amazon Projected to Make up a Crazy Amount of Ecommerce Sales in 2018

It's no secret that Amazon is a behemoth that is gradually infiltrating almost every aspect of the ecommerce market. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that the online retailer is expected to rake in nearly half of all ecommerce funds in 2018. See the numbers in this post!