Hi everybody! My name is Meg, and I’m an SEO Team lead at Volusion. I’ll be taking over all of Volusion’s social media channels this week to provide you with some quick ‘n’ dirty SEO tips and answer any questions you may have about the wacky world of search marketing. Follow along on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #VolusionTakeover, or Tweet your questions at us using the same hashtag. And of course, you can also follow us on Facebook!

This collection of articles, videos, and tips begins with the basics, so you can learn SEO without making your Monday any more arduous; we’ll get more advanced as the week progresses. To kick things off, I’m going to walk you through the process of modifying the SEO fields in the back end of your Volusion store and provide some advice on writing your Meta Titles and Descriptions. Stumped over keywords? We’ll dive deeper into keyword research later in the week. Try out these tips for yourself, and remember to ask me your questions now, before Volusion notices that I took over all their channels and takes them back (kidding. This is sanctioned, I promise)!

Feel free to check out the video above, or grab a transcript and follow along right here!