5 Trending Products to Sell Online
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Shopping online has never been hotter, and 2015 trends for ecommerce are on fire. Among shoppers' favorite buys this year are luxury sports items, fashion fancies, gluten-free products, upscale baby items and LED light therapies for beautiful skin.

A Sporty Trend

Sports accessories are always in fashion, and today's enthusiasts are in search of swagger. This year's top sellers will surely be functional and fun-to-wear fitness trackers. These little wonders are making a hit with consumers who want more out of their exercise and sleep routines. Fitness trackers can monitor heartbeat, distance, calorie consumption and more. They come in all sorts of sporty styles, most of which resemble a wristwatch. They are practically weightless, too, which helps merchants save on shipping costs.

Dashing Accessories

Fashionable men are always on the lookout for stylish up-and-comers, and shopping trends for 2015 include snappy bow ties and smart pocket squares. Bow ties are surging in the market and elegant pocket squares are also enjoying a bold resurgence in popularity. The best news for ecommerce merchants is that the number of men who shop online gets bigger every day.

Riding the Gluten-free Wave

Gluten-free products are uber hot right now, and online sellers are making the most out of the healthful trend. Ecommerce merchants can improve the appeal of food and beverage products and pump up sales by directing shoppers' attention to gluten-free labels. The worldwide gluten-free retail market is currently worth more than $5 billion per year and growing fast, and that is what makes "gluten-free" a hot shopping trend.

Oh Baby, It's Trendy

Moms who shop just can't get enough of the cute baby bibs, blankets and sleep sacks that are sold online today. The hip patterns and designs look nothing like baby items of the past, and new moms are eating it up. Desirable colors and patterns are simple and subdued, and never frilly or over-the-top. To appeal to modern buyers, choose baby items with straightforward designs and upscale style.

LED Therapy for Beautiful Skin

Shoppers of all ages are taking an interest in LED light therapies for anti-acne treatments as well as wrinkle reduction. LED skin treatments are sold in a variety of delivery methods including hand-held devices, wearable masks and light arrays. Retail prices range from less than $50 to $5,000 or more depending on the type of LED device and manufacturer. The promise of beautiful skin with painless treatments performed at home makes LED light therapies some of the best products to sell online.