etsy-your-own-store-1You are an artist and you love creating cool handmade products and craft items. You have been selling locally and are now looking to sell online to reach more customers. If you are considering opening an Etsy storefront, here are four great reasons on why you should open your own online store instead.

1. No Transaction or Listing Fees

When you sell on Etsy, you have to pay listing fees. In addition to that, for every sale you make, you have to pay transaction fees. With your own store, you don't have to worry about this.

2. Ability to Design Your Own store

Every Etsy storefront looks very similar as there is much less room for customization. It is also very difficult to differentiate your store from your competition when shoppers are searching for your products. With your own store, not only you can custom design it, you can also translate your brand vision into your store's website design.

3. Access to Personalized Support

When you use an ecommerce platform to build your store, you have access to live support with ecommerce experts that can be reached via phone, chat or email, in addition to the thousands of knowledge base articles and videos at your fingertips. With Etsy, you cannot talk to a real person at any time.

4. Unlimited categories

Etsy limits the number of categories to 10 where as with your own online store, you can have as many product categories that make sense for your shoppers.