Professional Inspiration from Moms
Inspiring moms

It's that time of year again – time to thank your mom for… well, for being your mom, raising you into the fine person you are today. How best to do that is debatable. Fine chocolates? Pretty flowers? New earrings? A car wash? Everyone is chiming in on how best to show moms our appreciation - and rightfully so: moms deserve a lot of credit.

This year, instead of sorting through rows of cheesy mother's day cards, we decided to reflect on how our moms have influenced our career paths, in whatever way that may be. For some, this was an emotional walk down memory lane. For others, a hilarious reminiscence. Whatever it is that your mom has done for you, you might enjoy reading a few of these reflections. Volusion moms seem to be doing a pretty good job, don't you think?


My mom told me “The best way to be selfish is to be selfless.” This has been so true, especially as a sales leader.  Instead of focusing on my bonuses, etcetera, I focus on helping my team succeed.  If the team succeeds, then the domino effect is that I will succeed, too. - Jay Motwani, Director, Sales & Services


My mom is one of the most creative people I know, and her creativity left a vast impression on me at a very early age in the form of the projects and activities she made up for us kids. I lived in Minnesota until I was five years old, and my mom used to fill spray bottles with a mixture of food coloring and water for me before I went outside to play in the snow. I’d spend hours outside building snow forts and then “tie dying” my creations with the food coloring. We also had a ready supply of homemade musical instruments and books galore. Her ability to nourish my creative brain since before I could walk inspired a life-long love of creativity and curiosity, which I’m thrilled to put into action every day as a marketer. Everything I do – researching new ideas, tinkering around with problems, writing copy, making jokes on social media, or designing new strategies – is rooted in that crucial, quirky, fun-filled foundation. Best of all, she continues to be just as supportive of all my passions as she ever was! Thanks, Mom <3 - Meg Nanson, Search Marketing Specialist Team Lead


My mom always stressed empathy when I was growing up. “You never know where someone has come from, what he or she has been through, or what’s on his or her mind at that very instant. Be kind and be thoughtful.” It’s hard to keep it in the front of my mind when things get tough, but I’ve never forgotten it. - Jacob King, Search Marketing Specialist Team Lead


My mom is the President of Lone Star College Montgomery in a suburb of Houston. She started when I was 7 as an adjunct art professor at one of their campuses, and then realized she was interested in administration, and started to take on more administrational responsibilities which eventually became her whole job. When I was graduating from college, she was finishing her Doctorate in Education in Community College Management. She was about 60 when she got her doctorate, and now she has her dream job. I go to her for professional advice constantly – she always seems to have the right answers. But mostly, I'm just super inspired by the fact that her career was going a certain way and she realized that there was an offshoot of this job that she really enjoyed. Instead of thinking, No, I'm just going to do the job that I have, she grasped the opportunity to get into administration and followed that ladder to the top. The idea that you can change what you're doing applied to me because I went to school for publishing and now I'm doing something totally different. I think a lot of people get stuck in positions they don't love for years and she kept working to get what she wanted, even later in life. - Kavi Kardos, Senior Search Marketing Specialist


My mother is the smartest, most hard-working woman I know. She gave me my love of working with small businesses to make them more successful. Watching her use her marketing savvy to help grow businesses in a way that made a tangible difference in people’s lives inspired me to learn more about marketing, and ultimately led me to a job where I get to play a part in building small businesses every day. I couldn’t be happier with where “wanting to be like mom” has taken my career. - Julianne Coyne, SEO Manager


I kind of fell into the career I have now. Ecommerce and marketing was not my plan A – or my plan B or C for that matter. When I felt the most lost in my job search, my mom was a stable source of encouragement and support. As a woman who didn’t find her own career until she turned 40, she was able to put a lot of things into perspective. I don’t think I ever told her how much I appreciated that. - Adam Kirsch, Senior Search Marketing Specialist


I grew up wanting to follow in my mom’s footsteps, and have had a few of the same jobs she’s had in marketing. Her passion for her career inspired me to seek jobs that got me as excited as she was. Funny enough, we both love marketing, so her advice over the years has been invaluable. - Heather Nix, Brand Manager


My mother's name is Loretta... and trust me, you'll never forgetta (spoken in a New York accent). She has a very colorful, creative personality, and from a young age, she always taught me to communicate thoroughly, ask questions and follow my passions. It's one of the reasons I eventually got into writing and journalism. I enjoyed listening to stories and I was naturally inquisitive. As I forged my career path, I took a detour from being a journalist to become a digital marketer with a passion for social media and SEO, where good content and compelling stories thrive. My mom definitely inspired my career path.... even if she still doesn't understand what I do. - Samantha Rupert, SEO Specialist


Feel free to share any of your own stories on how your mom has inspired you professionally in the comments below – we’d love to hear. And Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!