4 Beautiful Minimalist Ecommerce Themes Built with Volusion

We love to feature guest posts from Volusion Partners on our blog. This week, the plugin gurus over at POWr are here to showcase their favorite minimalist site designs.

At POWr, our team works hard to create dynamic, flexible and attractive plugins that can be easily integrated into any website, and are currently used on over 8 million websites. We have seen stunning examples of how the functionality of plugins can work harmoniously with minimalist web design and contribute to a positive user and customer experience. Both POWr and Volusion know the impact of great design and that less often conveys a clearer, cleaner message than more.

One of the beautiful things about well-designed minimalist sites is their effective simplicity. Customers aren’t overwhelmed by an influx of content and information; instead the lack of clutter makes the visual hierarchy clear. Minimalism opens the door for you to “...explore and play with clever relationships hidden within your design” and enables you to better showcase what your site has to offer with less noise.

Here are four inspiring minimalist sites:

U.S. Art


Volusion website U.S. Art does a superb job of creating a visually-captivating site without making visitors feel overwhelmed. Their navigation is easy to follow, and the consistent design throughout each page gives it a clean feel.

We love how they display their features and products; they’re eye-catching while remaining consistent with the clean aesthetic. This is look can be easily achieved and implemented with gallery plugins where you can choose your own layout and image cropping styles.

Bathroom Place


We love the simplicity and elegance of Bathroom Place. It effectively showcases their products while simultaneously communicating relevant information throughout. The smooth navigation and clean structure add to the minimalist theme and create a sense of openness and welcome that radiates across the site.

The balance of bold typography with their overall aesthetic enhances the site and helps direct the eye to important information. Sites like this are good reminders that typography is a powerful tool for directing customers to the “...perfect focal point in a minimal framework.” Knowing how to compliment your minimalist design with the right text can make all the difference.

The Club


The Club’s use of posh minimalism is captivating. One of the standouts for us is their utilization of image sliders and how they manage to convey a sense of sophistication and comfort.

Image sliders reiterate the ability of images to communicate important information, and serve as a reminder that it’s not just about displaying images, but how you display them. While designing a minimalist site, designers must identify what tools are right for each project: would a gallery make more aesthetic sense than a slide, or visa-versa?

The Club’s information and displays are concise and deliberate, which contribute to the overall clean look and feel of the site. The use of minimalism manages to pull visitors in with alluring images and the promise of a luxe ambiance. Overall, they are a fantastic example of how minimalism can help you maintain a professional, sophisticated look and experience.

Pish Pad


Pish Pad, another eye-catching Volusion site, beautifully balances high quality images with complimentary typography. The navigation is clear, and you never lose sense of their overall purpose: pet care. The use of images is powerful and flows organically with the rest of the site, and the concise language effectively communicates important information about products and services.

Their refreshing aesthetic and user friendly platform are an ideal recipe for happy customers. We love how they include an email sign-up field at the bottom of the page that perfectly complements their style. Mailing list plugins are great for helping expand contact databases while staying true to minimalist design.

There’s a lot to love about minimalist websites. They ensure customers have a clearer, cleaner and more positive experience while still making certain the most important information is easily accessible.

Minimalist design forces you to make every feature, word, image and detail count. You have to ask yourself: How can I communicate the full spectrum of information in the most succinct, clear and concise way? And: How can I make less mean more for my website? All of this culminates in cultivating a thriving, harmonious site with better conversions and higher likelihood of repeat customers.

What are your favorite minimalist sites? Let us know in the comments!