8 Totally Obscure Things You Can Sell Online

It’s estimated that online shoppers will spend about $6.6 billion on this Cyber Monday. As you spend your lunch hour perusing the internet for that perfect gift, we thought it only appropriate to take a look at just what all is available for purchase online – specifically, the things you’d never imagine finding for sale anywhere. You may even get inspired to give selling online a try yourself. Whether you dig through your closet to get your store started or get the products from a site like Alibaba, finding items to sell is surprisingly easy. Read on for a list of our favorite out-there goods you can profit from!


1.) Remember all those trips to theme parks you took as a kid? Or perhaps as a grown-up kid? It’s likely you purchased a couple of keychains along the way (it seemed like a good idea at the time). It turns out there’s a market for those old keychains – or at least certain ones. Disney keychains that are in decent shape are for sale out there for anyone keen to relive their childhood memories touring the home of Mickey Mouse.


2.) Empty toilet paper rolls. Believe it or not, these small, cylindrical pieces of cardboard are a treasure for crafters – and are available for purchase in bulk online. Who says your next empty roll can’t live a second life as a chimney that Santa Clause squeezes through to deliver presents?


3.) Most people wouldn’t say no to a little luck of the Irish. Four leaf clovers may be free for the taking – but only for those who are patient enough to actually find one. If you happen to have a surplus of luck on your hands, you’ll be able to make a few bucks selling the coveted green plantlets. They’re already available for purchase on eBay, but we’d bet there’s always someone looking for a little extra luck.


4.) The Beanie Baby craze hit hard and fast in the late 1990s, and drew a following of both kids and adults who spent anywhere from a few bucks to many thousands of dollars to start and grow their collections. Although the craze is over, there’s still a market for these small furry animals. Whether you don’t own one yet or your shelves are full of them, it’s never too late to get your collection going again.


5.) If you’ve got a cat that likes to scratch your furniture, you can now offer it an alternative in the form of a cat turntable. The deck is made of serrated cardboard, perfect for distracting your feline with a scratching haven. And who doesn’t want their cat to be their DJ? Kudos to the creative mind behind this idea.


6.) While we’re on the subject of items for your home, you may also be interested in the LED rainfall showerhead that lights up the flowing water in your favorite bright neon shade. Taking a shower will be a whole new experience, perhaps reminiscent of hanging out on a 90s club dancefloor.


7.) Baseball fans rejoice – if you like wine, that is. An electric baseball bat wine opener enables you to open those corked bottles by fastening the end of the bat to the cork and pressing a button. Hey batta batta batta!


8.) And last but not least, if you’ve ever noticed those frosted, rounded off pieces of glass scattered amongst the sea shells on shorelines, you’ll be happy to know there’s a market for them. Known as sea glass, these are pieces of broken glass that have been tumbled in the ocean’s waves for years, giving it that rounded, worn look. They can be used to make jewelry or create a seaside-themed décor for any home. Your sunset walks along the beach have taken a whole new meaning.

What crazy items have you seen for sale online? Feel free to share in the comments below! Or let us know your own idea for selling online.