New V2 Features: Discounts Enhancements, AVS Check, Flagged Orders, Bulk Order Processing

We have a ton of new feature updates for V2 going live this month we’re excited to share with you!

First, we know how important it is for you to be able to offer discounts on your store, so we’ve broadened the ways you can do that:

Automatic discounts: With this feature, you can apply a discount automatically without a coupon code.

Minimum quantity discounts: Now you can incentivize multiple items in the cart by setting a minimum quantity for the discount to trigger.

Maximum quantity discounts: With this, you can limit the discount, which is useful for incentivizing shopper behavior without losing much margin. Before this feature was added, any discount off a product was applied any time and every time that product was added to the cart, so if you wanted to run a discount on an item, but not every item, you didn’t have a way to do that. But now you can! See the example below:


Next, we created an Address Verification System (AVS) check. This is a tool to help with fraud prevention. It checks the billing address against what’s on file at the issuing bank, which is a way for you to verify the person who placed the order and the cardholder are the same person. Fraud = bad. AVS = good. Find this in the order details section in your admin.


We also implemented Flagged Orders, which is essentially a way to quickly identify potentially fraudulent orders in your list of orders. Any of these orders may be flagged for review:

  • Orders where the billing address does not match shipping address
  • Orders where at least 1 of 2 AVS checks fail
  • Orders where we do not receive any AVS data

Visit your V2 admin dashboard to play around with these new features. Leave a comment if you have any questions or thoughts!