Merchant of the Month: Lili Alessandra

Each month we like to spotlight our merchants who have found success by running the businesses that they love. Read on to find out how one merchant found success by simply listening to her customers.

Familial Inspiration

Sandra Hernandez Yedor grew up in a family that ran its own business. Being surrounded by an entrepreneurial drive for success, she was eventually inspired her to create her own store, and In 2002 she started selling luxurious-but-durable bedding under the name Lili & Co.

Once you are in business for yourself, it’s everything.

By 2008, the company changed its name to Lili Alessandra and was already on its way to success. "Once you are in business for yourself, it’s everything," she says. "I’m passionate about the product that I make because I realize that these products are going to be in someone’s home, and I think that that’s a very special opportunity."


Customer Insights

Hernandez Yedor cites her customers as the reason for her store’s success. Lili Alessandra is represented in stores all over the country, and she travels to many of these locations just to get customer input.

The secret to our growth is to really listen to the customer.

"A big part of building your brand is really understanding what your customer wants," she says. "The secret to our growth is to really listen to the customer."

Hernandez Yedor also understands that there needs to be a balance of passion and practicality when it comes to deciding what to sell. "Even though you put so much love and passion into [your product], the customer has to love it," she says.


Moving Forward

Hernandez Yedor continues to help Lili Alessandra grow and find success by listening to her customers and being ecommerce savvy.

We’ve had amazing results using Volusion.

"We’ve had amazing results using Volusion," she says. "This year we’re going to wind up doing more volume in our Volusion site than we did in our brick and mortar store."

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