We Want To Hear From You: Join Our New Communication Channels
New Volusion communication channels

2016 is an exciting time for Volusion. We are eager to provide our merchants with a platform that is continually improving and are working hard to make it more amazing than it already is. In order to make the changes we are eager to implement, we have started embracing total transparency across the entire company. It is our goal that this total transparency will allow our customers to be more involved in the conversation and drive our product to be the best commerce product possible. In order to enable this two-way information flow, you – our audience – will have more and more communication channels at your disposal.

New Channels of Communication: Join the Discussion!

We will be publishing information in real time about what is going on at Volusion. This is going to be raw, sometimes rough content, aimed at reaching you quickly rather than waiting for it to be polished and perfect. Please feel free to subscribe to this blog to tune in: Volusion Labs Blog

You can also subscribe to our Developer Youtube Channel for a more in-depth look at what we’re up to:

Developer YouTube Channel

Volusion UserVoice Page

A new place for you to leave ideas and feedback around the Volusion product is on our volusion.uservoice.com page. Please post your great ideas – one idea per post. Allow other customers to vote those features up. The more feedback we get on a feature, the more likely we are to slip it into our product roadmap! Not every top-voted request can be integrated into our roadmap, but we’ll do our best. UserVoice Customer Feedback

Real-Time Status Updates

Another part of our transparency strategy is sharing with you in real time the status of our underlying systems. We are working on shifting our work flow from long release cycles to more frequent, small-batch releases – meaning more things are happening at a faster pace. As we move through the year, we will plug additional metrics into this new statuspage to provide a more complete view of our various sub systems and components. You can subscribe to metrics you are interested in and be notified of them immediately. Real-Time Status Updates

Our ultimate focus has been and always will be putting our merchants first and ensuring we deliver “WOW” experiences. These two facets of our business are at the core of what we do, and we strive to deliver on these in the best way possible. Fostering the relationships we have with our merchants is part of this, and we encourage open communication in order to better achieve our goals.

Please visit the mentioned communication channels above and let us hear from you! We can’t wait to chat with you more.