Infographic: Constructing a Higher Converting Add-to-Cart Button

You can’t make a sale until a shopper adds a product into their shopping cart, which can’t be done without your add-to-cart button. For best practices and common trends from some of the world’s top ecommerce sites, check out this handy infographic.


Out of all the visual elements on your ecommerce site, your add-to-cart button is one of the most crucial to your success. Far too often, however, it's treated as an afterthought, which can lead to missed sales opportunities. So if you’re looking to boost conversions on your product pages, a good was to start is by revisiting your add-to-cart button.

To help you draw inspiration and pick up on some common best practices, we studied the add-to-cart buttons of the top 50 ecommerce sites. From color to size to icons, there’s a lot to be learned and applied to your very own online store.

Take a look at our newest infographic to see the results:


Click the image below to see a larger version – enjoy! .