Improve Your Design Process with 5 Feedback Tips
Design Feedback Tips

Creating a custom design – or any design for that matter – is a collaborative process. The design process contains many important elements, one of which is feedback. Great feedback can help achieve the goals of a website; create an effective user experience; and deliver an overall design that represents the look, feel, and personality of a brand.

Most of the time, non-designers aren’t quite sure how to give the most effective feedback. Their feedback is often vague, a bit too descriptive, and doesn’t convey their ideas accurately. Below are a few tips on how to provide more impactful feedback, to both streamline the process and improve the final product.

Be Specific

It’s important to be specific throughout the entire design process. It all starts with your initial consultation and the discussion of what you envision for your new design. Giving descriptive and succinct feedback will provide your designer with better insights so that you’re both on the same page. Design feedback - be specific

Stay Goal-Oriented and Know Your Brand

When looking at a design to give feedback, think about what exactly you aim to achieve with your website. You should also consider what you want to convey as an overall brand. Once you’ve defined these parameters, you can apply this knowledge to any design feedback you provide. Design feedback - be goal oriented

Offer Suggestions

If you see something in the design of your website that you’d like changed, it’s really helpful to provide suggestions, if you have them. Even if you have more than one idea, it’s beneficial to give the designer an idea of where you want to go with the change. Design feedback - offer suggestions

Ask Questions

Occasionally, designers will implement elements into a design that they haven’t fully explained in their initial notes. It could be something they felt would work for your website, based on both their expertise and what’s worked for other brands in your industry. If you’re curious about an element a designer has added, don’t write it off – there may be a good explanation behind it and it could also be something that helps your website. So ask about it! Design feedback - ask questions

Design vs. Designer

Remember to critique the design and not the designer when giving feedback. It’s important to note that the designer wants to work with you to create the best, most fitting design for your website. We always want to provide a WOW experience. Design feedback - design vs. designer

Effective design feedback helps tremendously in facilitating a smooth, efficient design process. Not only will you learn more about the overall design process and what goes into making design decisions, but the end result will more than likely exceed your expectations.