How to Write An 'About Us' Page For Your Website That Drives Sales

There's no denying the importance of a well-designed, secure website for your ecommerce needs. When a visitor finds your website, what is it you want them to see and feel? There are many opportunities for you to connect with your audience based on the content you publish and the stories you tell.

That is why your "About Us" page should be a high priority. Unfortunately, many businesses miss the mark and in turn, miss out on beneficial opportunities.

Why You Need a Strong "About Us" Page

When a potential client or customer ends up on your landing page, and they like what they see, they'll likely head to your "About Us" pages. These visitors are essentially searching for your story — who are you and what do you offer?

Your About Us page is not only one of the most important pages on your site, but also one of the most frequently visited.

This is your opportunity to shine, as you build a connection between you and your new visitor. This makes your About Us page not only one of the most important pages on your site but also one of the most frequently visited. In fact, once on a company's homepage, approximately 52 percent of visitors was to see "about us" info.

Although you may be 100 percent business-orientated, your About Us page is your chance to connect on a human level. This is where storytelling comes into play, as a compelling story will speak to your readers. This is how you establish a strong connection and in turn, earn their trust. However, in order to maximize your About Us section, you must design it in a way that is informative and direct, yet compelling and relatable.

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At the end of the day, your About Us page is essentially a sales page. Based on the story you tell, you will paint a picture — a picture that represents who you are as a brand. WHY would a potential client or customer want to buy from you? Put a face to the name, bridging the gap between you and your audience.

In summary, the main objectives of your About Us page include:

  • Being able to communicate the story of your business
  • An opportunity to describe the cause or purpose behind your
  • Putting a face to your brand, as you feature your company
  • Persuading visitors to take some sort of action (or enhance their
    level of insight via data visualization, explainer videos, etc.)

All of these features then add up, answering the most important question of all — why should potential customers support you and buy your products or services?

How to Successfully Write An About Us Page That Ticks All the Boxes

On the surface, crafting up a killer About Us page seems fairly simple and straightforward. However, when it comes time to creating this all-mighty page, many people get stuck.

Just like any good story, you will need to set the scene, introduce a problem, solve that problem and then paint a clear picture of what the future may bring.

If you're wondering what you should write and how your design will impact the reader's experience, follow this step-by-step guide to overcome common obstacles. Remember, just like any good story, you will need to set the scene, introduce a problem, solve that problem and then paint a clear picture of what the future may bring.

Step one: Follow a guided template

This is your chance to take your reader on a journey. What have you achieved along the way and what do you envision next?

Developing a narrative is really quite simple if you follow a template. As you fill in your template, consider the characters and the setting, the problem you solved, the obstacles you hit, the milestones you achieve and what your brand's future looks like.

For example:

[Founders] first started [name of your company] in order to
[describe the problem you set out to solve].

That is why we [tell your story, based on your journey towards a
solution to the problem above].

During our journey, we [share what you have achieved and the
milestones you reached based on your past and current efforts].

We strive to be [describe your mission in terms of your target
audience and what that means for your brand. Don't be afraid to showcase
who you as a person or brand. This is your opportunity to connect with
your audience].

Step two: Do not underestimate key elements within your design

When creating your About Us page, be sure to include the following elements:

  • Your core business model — In some cases, companies develop their business
    around their unique value propositions. After all, if you are the place to come for x, y and z, proudly showcase your strengths. Consider the importance of transparency here. Perhaps you provide greater insight into the materials you source? You may also work with a specific charity that speaks to your target audience. Whatever the case may be, this is your time to shine as you strengthen the value of your brand.
  • Awards and press — The milestones you have already reached are very telling, as they show your audience that you're serious. When you have proof that customers love what you're doing, proudly display it.
  • Supporting stats and facts — Are there any facts or numbers that you can include to drive your mission home? These values may be in relation to why you developed your brand. However, they can also directly reflect your success (i.e., years in business, items sold to-date, clients helped to-date, etc.).
  • Who you are — Remember, your About Us page is the one area that tells your audience who YOU are. This is your chance to showcase your team in terms of your brand's culture. Put a face to each name and provide a little blurb about each team member's role and/or skill set.
  • Images — When people are given 15 minutes to read content, two-thirds would rather read something that is beautifully designed than something that is plain. The point here is that you need visuals! Not only will images and videos break up the text, but these visuals can also provide a "behind the scenes" look into your business.
  • A call to action — If you're looking to generate more leads, your About Us page will be the way to do so. Whether you want your audience to subscribe to your mailing list, follow you on social media, or read your blog, it is important that you provide all relevant links. Make it easy for your audience to do what you intend them to do. This will also support your site's SEO.

Step three: Look for inspiration

Although your About Us page should be unique to you and your brand, it is highly recommended that you look at other success businesses in order to tap into their approach. Here are a few websites to check out in terms of excellent formatting, storytelling, and brand essence:

1. Refinery29

2. Bulldog Skincare

3. Marie Forleo

When it all boils down, although you will be speaking about you and your brand, you always need to have your target audience in the back of your mind. Also, remember that as your brand evolves, so will your About Us page.

Never underestimate the power of your About Us page and as you evolve, alter your story, mission, and accomplishments. After all, Seth Godin said it best, "Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make but the stories you tell."

Have any questions about writing an About Us page? Ask them in the comments!