Well, merchant friends, an epoch has ended. Today marks the conclusion of my reign as queen of the Volusion social media channels.  Come tomorrow, I’ll be packing my SEO knowledge into my knapsack, hopping a train, and moving back to the social media road less traveled (my personal Facebook page). We still have a full day left of SEO tips & tricks, though, so don’t start crying yet! Instead, Tweet your questions at me using the hashtag #VolusionTakeover. Alternately, post them as a comment on the Volusion Facebook page, or ask them on this here blog.


To commemorate our time together, the last video in our series is about using Google Analytics to track the results of your SEO campaign. We’ll cover which factors to take a look at, how to diagnose a traffic drop, and how to plan your strategy moving forward. Now, go forth and carry out your dream SEO campaign! If you’d rather have an expert take over your strategy, feel free to check out our SEO services, where you’ll get connected to the smartest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. You can also click here for the transcript of the video.

Thanks for watching, folks! I hope you had the time of your life. Always wear sunscreen. Sign my yearbook?