How to Increase Social Media Engagement Organically

Social media engagement works almost like blind dating: you are trying to have an interesting conversation with someone you have never met before, it can be emotionally exhausting and you have to be wildly entertaining within minutes. So how do you keep a conversation going with your social media audience?
Here are five easy things you can do to increase your social media engagement without spending a single penny:

Engage All Day, Every Day.

Social media is 24/7 job: someone, somewhere is always looking at your content at all times. This is why it is so important to engage with your audience frequently, throughout the day. Engaging with your audience not only personifies your brand but also does magic to your algorithms, since the more active you are the better your chances are of popping up first on searches.

Unless you’re a robot, in the “real world” it’s physically impossible to engage with your audience 24/7. However, if you can set different times during the day to engage with your audience then you are set. If you want to increase your Instagram followers or Facebook page likes, leaving genuine comments tends to work better than just a typical "like". Reposting images and giving credit to the original poster is also a great form of engagement and having brand awareness.

Be Responsive.

An important part of social media engagement is being responsive to your audience when they ask questions or leave comments. Think about it: if a customer walked into your physical store and asked a question, would you ignore them? No! Well, it works the same with social media.

A good rule of thumb to follow is to try to reply back to all of your comments and questions before the end of day. Responding back to your audience not only creates a great customer service experience but also builds on the goodwill of the brand and your brand look more reliable.

Know Your Hashtags.

When it comes to hashtags, go for the long-tail ones. Try to use unique hashtags that pertain to your particular niche group and that have a lower number of posts. Your chances of getting a like from a hashtag that has only 200,000 posts versus one that has 1,000,000 will be greater and drive far more engagement.

Find Your Niche.

Not everyone is your target market and not everyone is interested in what you have to say. In order to drive a higher quality of engagement and not “spin your wheels” talking to someone that may not care about your brand, seek engagement from a defined audience. Looking at your direct competitors’ social media followers is a good way to know if someone might be interested in your brand.

Get Creative with Your Content.

If you follow all of the steps above to the letter, but fail to create strong content then it was all for nothing. Remember: social media is primarily used for entertainment and “socializing”. This means you have an ethical responsibility to tone it down a bit on the product content and incorporate posts that are fun, engaging and relatable. Videos are a great way to increase engagement and Giphy can be a great resource for this!

Now that you have five different ways to increase your social media engagement organically, go out and conquer the world! If you have particular questions or feel like we left something out, please leave a comment below!