Volusion and eFowl: Birds of a Feather

From Christmas trees to fine cheese, Volusion partners with all kinds of businesses across the web. But one of our most unique partners is eFowl.com, which sells exactly what you'd expect: birds. Founded in 2008, eFowl is one of the web's leading supplier of waterfowl, chickens, game birds and poultry products. Today, eFowl is the go-to network for poultry farms and hatcheries, and is a one-stop shop for those interested in raising poultry. Reaching success took some work, however, and eFowl has had years of experience developing campaigns and methods to reach new customers. Here are some methods that made them the rooster of the chicken industry.

Providing Value and Driving Engagement

One of eFowl’s strongest attributes is their ability to provide value in a multitude of ways. If you visit eFowl.com, it’s easy to see value in the wide selection of birds, coops, and various supplies. What sets them apart is their content. eFowl has in depth info on each breed of bird along with an educational blog that provides resources from real bird farmers. As someone who used to raise pigeons in a backyard coop, I found this post on How to Choose the Right Chicken Coop very relatable and informative for anyone looking to purchase or construct a coop. Additionally, the eFowl team engages their visitors and customers in effective ways. A fantastic example of this is Austin’s response to a poor review. His expertise and willingness to help the customer are clearly evident. Check out the interaction below. ef1

Flying High on Facebook

Austin wanted to grow the eFowl community in order to increase the reach of their brand and also to drive more qualified visitors to the website.  The eFowl team decided to focus on growing their Facebook fan base because they had already seen some marketing success on the platform. They set up an on-site promotion with Justuno, in which shoppers could receive $10 off of their order by liking eFowl’s Facebook page. eFowl ran this promotion over a 7 month period  and increased their Facebook following from 4,050 to 26,000!

Building an Eggs-emplary Email List

The eFowl team also decided to ramp up their email marketing efforts. Because they hadn’t used email marketing before, they needed to build their email list from the ground up. The team implemented a pop-up promotion that required visitors to enter an email address in exchange for a coupon code. With an average of 1,500 new email subscribers per month, eFowl now has a list of 15,000 contacts to market to. e2 Coming to roost

eFowl saw incredible results with their email marketing campaigns using their new list of 15,000 contacts. Their email conversion rate is now almost three times higher than their overall sales conversion rate, which indicates that these were high-quality email leads from people who were interested in eFowl’s offerings. In addition, approximately 10% of eFowl’s 2015 revenue is directly attributed to email campaigns. By building their email list with Justuno and setting up effective email marketing campaigns, eFowl was able to substantially impact their reach and revenue in a short period of time.

Building your own nest egg of followers

eFowl followed some fairly straightforward best practices when it came to getting more eyeballs on their site. Here are some of the biggest lessons they learned from their experience:

Set Strategic Objectives

In order to get where you want to be, you have to have some idea of how you’re going to get there. No, you don’t have to map out every detail, but set some clear goals and then figure out how you’re going to reach them. Austin had seen success by marketing through Facebook, so he set a goal to grow eFowl’s Facebook fan base and accomplished it.

You’ve Got to Start Somewhere

This is so easy to say, yet it'd one of the most difficult things to do. If something piques your interest and you think it might be a valuable venture to pursue, then start doing exploring it! In just nine short months, eFowl built an email list of 15,000 subscribers and the site has already seen significant revenue growth from their email marketing efforts.

On-site Promotions are Effective

Every online retailer runs sales promotions, but most of these promotions lack visibility, gather zero visitor data and don’t directly drive sales conversions. On-site promotions are the most effective way to engage website visitors while in turn maximizing offer visibility. The benefit to retailers is a rapidly-growing email list and a social fan base, plus a strategy for directly driving sales conversions. eFowl is just one of the many businesses that are converting traffic into sales and leads with on-site promotions. If you’re interested in using on-site promotions on your own website, check out Justuno.


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Grant Thomas is the Community Manager and Lead Blogger at Justuno. He is constantly analyzing promotional campaigns and is the resource on how to use promotions to grow your business. In his free time, he likes to go outside, read books and spend time at the record store. Connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.