With Thanksgiving and Black Friday just around the corner, each day of marketing is becoming more and more precious. In today's Holiday Marketing Timeline, our specialists guide you through tactics and considerations for making the best use of your seasonal strategies.

November Hero Image

The biggest selling days of the year are right around the corner now, so now is the time to get your promotions ready to go for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the rest of the holiday selling season. October’s holiday marketing timeline focused on testing ad copy, purchase incentives, landing page variables and more to prepare your marketing strategies, and now is the time to put that information to use to get the best return on your time and money.

Download the full November marketing timeline from the link below and see what last-minute steps you need to take in the next week to prepare your site for those big selling days. Learn what our marketing specialists say you should be doing today to boost sales on your most profitable holidays, including creating a holiday gift giving guide, refreshing product feeds, increasing bids and making final updates to your promotional calendar.

Download Your Holiday Marketing Timeline