Announcing Our New Shopper Accounts Feature on V2

What is it?

When selling online, you want to ensure your shoppers have the simplest and fastest way to purchase from your business. With a registered shopper account, your customers can have a convenient and streamlined checkout process with saved shipping, payment and billing information.

Shopper accounts also create an interactive experience that builds relationships between shoppers and you. They give you and your business an opportunity to generate significant customer loyalty.

Currently, V2 stores must offer checkout via Stripe to take advantage of this feature. We expect to make it available with other payment methods in the future.

What does it do?

Shoppers can register an account with your store after they've completed a purchase. They'll be asked to provide a password on the order confirmation page. Currently this is the only place shoppers can register for an account:


Additionally, shoppers will receive feedback after registering. Merchants can see if a shopper is registered via the "Active" tag next to the Account Info Card in the far right of their details page:


Check out Faster with a Shopper Account

Returning shoppers who've registered for a shopper account can log in at checkout and have their shipping and payment data loaded for a much faster and simpler experience.


Your Account Panel

When shoppers return to your store, they can log in from the cart or from checkout:


Once customers have logged in they'll need to verify their email address to see their order history, though they can still manage their contact information:


What enhancements can we expect in the future?

We expect "Your Account" to grow into a full self-service area for your shoppers, offering them the ability to update shipping and billing information, manage orders, re-order items, see their viewing history and track previous abandoned carts.

Who can access it?

This feature is available for all V2 users on all plan levels ASAP!

Have any questions about this new feature? Ask them in the comments!