A Complete Checklist for a More Powerful Logo Design

Your logo is the most prolific, memorable aspect of your brand. With a lot to say and only a few pixels to say it, make sure your logo design reflects the following gold standards.

To help make the logo creation process easier for our customers, we've put together a checklist of aesthetic priorities that should provide guidance as you importance about the cornerstone of your visual brand.

Your Logo Design Checklist

Does your logo incorporate:

An attractive and professional appearance

A simple, memorable shape

An abstract design that conveys a clear impression: dependable, adventurous, innovative, approachable, etc.

A versatile and scalable image that is appropriate for the print and digital world

An aesthetic that is attractive in black-and-white as well as in color

A timeless design that does not depend on modern or “edgy” design fads

A color scheme and character that matches your brand personality

No aspect of your visual branding takes center stage the way that a properly designed logo does. Well crafted, a logo conveys your brand's personality in every media, whether digital or print.

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