Looking for ways to promote your most popular gift products? Check out our strategies to get on online shoppers’ nice list.


It’s no question that the holiday season is huge for online business. According to a study by CMO.com, Adobe’s marketing news site, shoppers are expected to spend $72.4 billion through e-commerce alone this season. With such a huge shift toward buying gifts online, you’re probably wondering how to cash in on some of the profits with your store. As a web designer here at Volusion (and avid online shopper), I have three tips to make your store a gifting destination:

Tip #1 - Identify a group of items you sell that make great gifts

Go through your inventory and curate products that are good gifts into one category. Most major online stores have a gift section link on their homepage and particularly dress up that link during the holiday season to entice shoppers. Check out West Elm’s site for an example of this marketing strategy.

Screenshot: West Elm “Holiday & Gifts” category


You can also create subcategories like gifts by price or recipient (for him or for her). You can even try looking at your target audience for creative ideas, such as "Gifts for Foodies" or "Geek Chic Gifts." REI does a great job of giving shoppers lots of ideas on their gifts category page.

Screenshot: REI Gift section/slides


So take a look at what you have to offer potential gift buyers. For example, personalized items are always a hot gift idea. If you sell food or small luxury goods, try offering them in gift basket-type bundles for the season. Also, don’t forget to add and promote gift cards if you offer them!

Tip #2 - Increase the sale with product accessories and related items

If you have a product that goes well with others, show them to customers through accessories and related items. Selling scarves? Show gloves that match. If someone is looking at a set of fly fishing tackle, put a nice tackle box organizer in the related section. Even just selling the batteries that go with a battery powered toy is a convenience for customers and a way for you to increase that final sale total.

For example Sur la Table markets their coffee maker along with the coffee pods and a travel cup.

Screenshot: Sur La Table product page


Tip #3 - Take advantage of gift options

Did you know you can set special gift options for products? Offer gift wrapping and personalized notes to customers; those last extra touches can really make an impression.

Make gift buying on your store easy, and shoppers may turn into repeat customers all year! We’re here to make sure you have the most successful holiday selling season yet. If you need help, check out our support articles, get a custom designed slide or promo, or use one of these holiday freebies. Can you think of some other creative ideas to nab those gift buying conversions? Let us know in the comments!

-Camri Hinkie, Senior Web Designer